Exhibition:Rolling Rainbow

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同某种深沉的观念、严谨的形式及宏大叙事相比,Rolling Rainbow更多地与直觉、经验及诗意联系在一起,它来自动画片《Adventure Time》中的一个角色Lady Rainicorn ——一只彩虹状的独角兽。它同样也暗合了“弹脑门儿”空间的气质,一种游离于“白盒子”之外的随性、无为,也许更接近本真或更纯粹的存在。参与Rolling Rainbow的三位艺术家成长经历及创作领域各不相同,她们的作品从日常与个人经验出发,透过个性化的视觉语言,展示了一种全然当下的状态,同时也是对不间断迅速发展的现代技术及媒体的反馈。



涂朗/Tu Lang

来自香港,此前在英国上学,现在生活、工作于北京。她的作品受当下的视觉文化,尤其是影像及人工智能的影响。这次展示的作品’screen dream’是关于虚拟的视像梦境和逃避现实的眼睛,拼凑出来的荧幕画面。’dance’ 是关于移动的扫描仪和舞者。对她来说视觉艺术就是人们不被所用的媒介所控制而是去改变媒介与程式。


宾冰/Bing Bin





In a contemporary art landscape of obscure concepts, stringent forms, and grand narratives, Rolling Rainbow—inspired by the character “Lady Rainacorn”, a rainbow unicorn from the animated series Adventure Time—is a representation of intuition, experience, and the poetic. The work meshes with the sensibility of “Flicking Forehead Space”, namely a drifting away from the causality and inaction outside of the “white cube” and perhaps closer to a more authentic, purer existence. Though the three artists participating in Rolling Rainbow come from different backgrounds and artistic practices, each brings to their work a sense of daily life and personal experiences. Through personal visual language, each artist demonstrates a sense of the present, while also addressing the constant and rapid development of technology and media.

- Bing Bin (translated by Maya Rudolph)



Tu Lang is from Hong Kong, studied visual art in UK, currently working and living in Beijing. Her art works are always effected by contemporary visual culture and video art, especially artificial world. In this exhibition, her work ‘screen dream’ is about a virtual dream where she is trying to express the escape from reality and create screen images. ‘Dance’ is about a moving scanner and dancers. In her work, visual art is not on the subject regarding media, it is more about changing the media and its rules.

Bing Bin is born in Hunan province and currently living in Beijing.Her photography and an installation, titled ‘cocktail’ , are intended to explore both alienation or convergences in the realm of primitive sensual or emotional experience through non-human entities such as the Internet, consumerism, and facets of urban civilisation. She uses colour as a possible connection between human and non-human entities.

Mizuki comes from Tokyo, Japan. Drawings of girls. The girls she draws don’t like the things cute, sweet, adorable, or something like that liked by people in general. They know their own ways to be cute.



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