[bubbletouring#4]光线按摩/Lights Massage


第四站/Stop 4: 尤伦斯当代艺术中心放映厅/UCCA Screening Room


Dot: UCCA放映厅的顶灯/Top lights of UCCA screening room


光线按摩/Lights Massage


Lights shine on the body, like someone dancing on yours. Adjust the focus and the intensity of massage by changing the position of light source and altering light intensity. Massage ends when you close your eyes.


“泡泡游行计划”/What’s Bubbletouring


Exploring a position/a posture in a new space, deconstruct body into a ‘dot’–it’s not body occupying volume any more, but floating dot without volume–and then starting from a dot reach to any point inside the space, to make an impossible object.


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