[bubbletouring#2]眼神货币/eye-contact as currency

屏幕快照 2014-05-08 下午08.00.49

第二站/Stop 2:“底细”小组/DIXI group


Dot: “底细”工作室门上的猫眼/Peephole on the door of DIXI Studio 

眼神货币/Eye-contact as currency


Eye-contact as currency, the value of the eye-contact you use depends on how sincere your eyes express. Making eye contact with seller, you can purchase daily food, a living house, an air ticket to the distance, if you own 100% sincere eye-contact, you become millionaire, then you can use it to buy love.

“泡泡游行计划”/What’s Bubbletouring


Exploring a position/a posture in a new space, deconstruct body into a ‘dot’–it’s not body occupying volume any more, but floating dot without volume–and then starting from a dot reach to any point inside the space, to make an impossible object.



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